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The IAM North American Conference 2024



We invite you to submit an abstract to present at the IAM North American Conference, which will be held in Dever on 21 - 24 October 2024. We are looking for quality presentations intended for developing and advancing the profession and practice of asset management for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. Those submitting abstracts do not need to be members of the IAM. The conference is designed:

  • To link asset management professionals and stakeholders, including board members with leading-edge practices and benefits
  • To support asset management professionals and promote a community furthering the discipline of Asset Management
  • Provide networking opportunities for business and personal relationships
  • Attract multiple sectors – transportation, utilities, energy, manufacturing, governments, real estate, etc
  • Promote collaboration and integration across sectors, functions, and levels, including the front line for solutions

The conference is a forum for information exchange, problem-solving, and collaboration among asset owners, consultants, vendors, and other interested stakeholders (regulators, insurers, etc.). Please submit your proposal to share your insights and experiences for the benefit of the larger asset management community.

Note: you need to create a separate account for your proposal submission. Your IAM login will not work on this site.


A Big Year for Asset Management

This is a big year for asset management. The global asset management community has been working on some important changes to asset management standards and frameworks which will be published this year and the IAM celebrates its 30th birthday.    

  • Revised ISO 55000 & 55001 standards as well as four other ISO550xx documents 

  • A revised GFMAM Asset Management Landscape  

  • Revisions to the IAM asset management knowledge resources including the IAM Anatomy 

Join fellow industry professionals and thought leaders to discuss the future of asset management. Learn from other organizations understanding how they have evolved their practices within their organization and advanced their asset management capabilities to transform their organizations. Discuss the impact of data and analytics on the decisions we make today to help us achieve our organizational objectives that benefits stakeholders. Discover the innovations led by industry pioneers that represent the future of asset management as we look forward to the next 30 years. 

Join us in Denver to share your knowledge and experiences with hundreds of asset management professionals from across North America and beyond. 

Conference Tracks

  • Organizational asset management transformation  
    • Asset management practices are always evolving. Shine a spotlight on how organizations have progressed their asset management capabilities. 
  • Risk analysis and organizational impacts 
    • Data analysis and techniques to leverage this analysis are rapidly changing the decisions organizations make. Share stories of data usage and strategies to achieve outcomes beyond "worst first" capital and maintenance prioritizations. 
  • Innovation and the future of asset management  
    • Discover today’s innovations that represent the future of asset management. Innovation includes changes in technology or culture that impact service delivery and the users of infrastructure assets.


Why Present?

  • Share your knowledge and expertise, and network with colleagues from around the world

  • Have an impact and be recognized for your contribution to the field of asset management

  • Improve your professional skills and organization’s reputation – professional growth

  • Receive a discounted conference registration


Presentation Formats 




Education Session  

Education sessions may be delivered by a single speaker or a small panel. The content includes best practices, how-to’s, case studies, insightful stories, emerging trends and technologies, new perspectives, etc.   

30 min.  

Discussion or Panel Session   

This type of presentation is a longer education session. It can be a simple discussion from different perspectives. It could use a debate format to inform the audience about different ways to approach an asset management project, issue, or challenge. It could also use a Point-Counter-Point with the panel taking turns listing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. A moderator might start things off with a short presentation. 

60 min.  

Work in Progress  

Asset management is a journey and much of what we want to discuss is really “work in progress”. The trick is to describe where you are coming from and where you (think/hope) that you are going in a way that engages others on a similar journey. 

30 min. 



Provide a high-quality, interactive, and practical experience to develop participants’ knowledge and skills in a specific area. The workshop format is for topics that need a deeper dive than a shorter timeframe can provide. They usually delve into a particular concept or teach a specific skill. They may include demonstrations or provide exercises, so that participants may practice what they are learning, but should not be a commercial pitch or endorsement.


90 min. 


Review Criteria

All submissions must be entered into the online form. You may submit proposals for multiple sessions. You will be able to save and return to your proposal form until the deadline. All submissions are reviewed and evaluated by the Program Review Committee. The evaluation process is competitive. Your success in the selection process depends on how well your proposal supports these primary criteria:  

  • Practical application – Information can be used in day-to-day work settings, lessons-learned, how-to-do-it strategies, innovative concepts and approaches, solutions that provide improvements in asset management.  

  • Relevance and clarity - Content is interesting and useful to a significant number of expected attendees. Learning objectives are clearly stated using active verbs that indicate how the participants will benefit from the information presented.  

  • Balance - The Program Review Committee will also review for balance to ensure that all tracks are adequately covered in the overall education program, that any one topic area is not overrepresented, and that any one speaker or organization is not disproportionately represented among the final selections.  


No Sales Pitches, Please!

Direct promotion of a speaker’s/company’s products, services, or monetary self-interest is not appropriate. The audience appreciates learning about technologies, services, concepts, and new approaches; but is sensitive to the sales promotion approach. We recommend an end user or asset owner be included and featured in any proposal submitted by vendors or consultants.


Speaker Registration, Discount, and Travel Expenses  

If your presentation is accepted, you will receive a speaker discount registration fee. This discount will be limited to 2 presenters per panel. Terms of discount will be sent with presentation acceptance.


Acceptance, Timeline, and Requirements

We will notify all applicants of the status of their proposal submission in May. If your proposal is accepted, you agree to the following due dates and requirements in order to keep your proposal in the conference program. 


Due Dates  



12 April

Proposal/Abstract submission deadline  


10 May

Applicants notified of the status of their proposal submission  

A discount code will be provided with the proposal acceptance email

27 May

Applicants confirm acceptance to present and register for the conference  

If applicants have not registered by this date, we reserve the right to remove them from the program

19 July

Submit electronic versions of presentation/workshop materials for the conference app and resource library





Email: Office@theIAM.org